help buying or building a Linux tablet, what hardware to use

Plugging in devices such as LAN adapters, Wi-Fi cards, printers, etc. to Arch Linux ARM.

help buying or building a Linux tablet, what hardware to use

Postby jbodhorn » Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:56 am

I'm trying to find a tablet that I can run Linux on, Arch preferably? I'm not looking to break the bank to get something like a surface, but I also don't want something with completely outdated hardware. I've been googling a bit and I'm not sure which direction to go. Might I be better off finding an unlocked arm device, some kind of android tablet? Is running Arch Linux arm my only chance at a Linux tablet?

If RPi zero wasn't such a low power device I'd consider building my own arm based Linux tablet from on, but I want it to actually be usable for more than just a terminal, I don't think you can even run chromium from a pi zero.... I've been wanting a tablet for a long time but I hate android and a lot of Windows based tablets have hardware that isn't compatible with Linux.

I'm seeking an x86_64 device tablet because they actually have ports. Something with full sized hdmi and usb(preferably 3 or better) would be the most ideal for me to work with. For the reason of having ports I'm open to buying an arm SOC and building a tablet. At this point any input could be helpful, seeing as I need to purchase hardware, I don't want to buy something I'll just end up regretting and be unhappy with.

I'm considering buying a more powerful arm device than a pi zero and either removing or connecting by wire any ports that are thicker than I want in my project. Once again I'd have to find something that will do all I want, last I knew you can't run gnome on an arm device, not fully working gnome anyway
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