Low power ARM board with battery support

Plugging in devices such as LAN adapters, Wi-Fi cards, printers, etc. to Arch Linux ARM.

Low power ARM board with battery support

Postby h4xx » Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:39 pm

Hi there,

iam currently using the Cubietruck from Allwinner with a liion battery.
The goal was to build a small solar powered system for various things.

The benefit from the Cubietruck for me was the build in AXP209 module which is used to charge
and monitor the status of the battery.

The mainline Kernel unfortunately has not many sunxi features included so iam looking for a new board.

Maybe someone knows some ARM boards which would be a good choice for me which
has also a built in battery support or maybe additional pre build boards for other arm systems.

Thank you
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