RPi4 running ARMv7h, only mono sound via 3.5mm jack

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RPi4 running ARMv7h, only mono sound via 3.5mm jack

Postby OGWillikers » Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:57 am

Hello, I'm currently banging my head against an issue that I can't figure out.

Starting off, pretty much everything worked great from a fresh install on my Pi 4. Except audio crackled a bit once a second. Solved that by checking the Arch wiki and adding that old interrupt module. Good times.

Then I realized I was only getting mono sound from the 3.5mm jack. Checked various programs (amixer, GUI stuff) and it all shows a mono device. Switched SD cards back to Raspbian and seen the same thing, but sound is actually stereo despite what amixer and stuff tries to tell me.

I looked at a few directories for audio config and I'm too much of a newb to figure out if I can copy configs from one area to another. Any ideas?
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