Arch Linux for arm7 (Acer Chromebook r13) and Freemind error

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Arch Linux for arm7 (Acer Chromebook r13) and Freemind error

Postby jpcookie » Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:04 pm

The above program is getting the wonderful java.awt.HeadlessException error. Upon exhaustively scouring the net for solutions both from the maintainer and for Arch Linux itself I was given two possible solutions 1). Make sure that you don't have the package for java ending in "-headless"/ 2). Try to make sure the file it references in ~/.freemind/ is at least touched first. I have done both, and it's still there.
Any solutions? There has to be some way to force this app to work as it's vital for my upcoming projects.
Out of desperation I've created my own thread on the discussion forum, to help myself and others in the same boat.
Thanks in advance.
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