PcDuino 3 with hardware acceleration support/watching movies

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PcDuino 3 with hardware acceleration support/watching movies

Postby nidzo » Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:09 pm

Hi all. First of allI am not sure if this belongs to hardware of software section but here it goes.

The reason why I bought Pcduino3 in the first place was an idea of a media client/server so I could hook it up to my TV and watch Youtube videos and or Netflix and maybe have a little ftpserver on it so I can transfer my favorite tv shows to it (I currently live in Germany but I do not speak/understand it fluently and all tv channels here and in german :() and watch them comfortably on the sofa (my back hurts if I sit too long by PC), and a small webserver on it as a playground or testing for different smaller webserver projects (PHP/MYSQL). But I was not satisfied with Linksprites Ubunty distro and I installed Arch Linux on it. But this is where it all stopped for me and in Arch I could not watch even a single Youtube video or any kind of video for that matter without heavy stutter or "video lag" as I call it. The same was happening in Linksprite distro Ubunty so eventually I gave up with the idea. Now I would like to give it one more try again and I need your help/guidence.

I have read all the links and infos on linksprites site about pcduino 3 and compiled my "own" Arch Linux for Pcduino 3. And it is up and runing. I have also updated Arch to the latest kernel. Please help me or provide me with links/guides in how to do the following:

1. Compile own kernel with support for video hardware acceleration on Pcduino 3
2. Compile/install drivers for the Mali 400 graphic card if that is even possible? On this link http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_Kernel they are stating that "older" unsupported 3.4 linux kernel version is needed for hardware accelerated video.

Kernel versions

Parts of the sunxi SoC are already supported by mainline kernel 3.8 and onwards.

In case you need support for e.g. display, 3D, hardware accelerated video decoding and audio support (for A10/A20), you should can check out the sunxi-3.4 or stage/sunxi-3.4 branch as this will get the most out of your hardware quickly. But beware that this is already obsolete and unmaintained.

Does that mean I need to use older kernel version in order to get hardware accelerated video decoding to work?

The current kernel version that is runing on Pcduino 3 is:

uname -a
Linux pcduino-alarm 4.9.6-1-ARCH #1 SMP Thu Jan 26 20:34:49 MST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

Thank you in advance, Nick.
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