Raspi-4b: No connect to jack: No realtime perms.

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Raspi-4b: No connect to jack: No realtime perms.

Postby magpi » Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:41 am


Using qjackctrl to start jackd on my Raspi 4b leads to the following error:
"JACK is running in realtime mode, but you are not allowed to use realtime scheduling."

The user, who starts qjackctrl/jackd is member of the group "audio".
In /etc/security/limits.conf I added these two lines according to my searches on the internet:
@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock0 unlimited

After rebooting the Raspi the problem still remains.
Starting jackd manually (cli) reveals no extra information besides that jackd terminates.
The message from above is somehow unclear about this.

How can I fix this problem?

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