[Odroid U3] sshd 100% cpu load since openssh-8.3p1-4

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[Odroid U3] sshd 100% cpu load since openssh-8.3p1-4

Postby renegat » Tue Sep 08, 2020 6:24 pm

Affected packages / version:
- linux-armv7-5.8.7-1
- openssh-8.3p1-4

Description of issue:

I run an odroid U3 headless as archlinux package server, file server, mpd and pi-hole.

After one of the latest updates the following issue happens:
If I try to log in via SSH to the device the login prompt appears.
After typing the password nothing happens.

I can see in the web-ui of pi-hole on this device that temperature is rising fast up to >70°C.
Normally temperature is about 40°C even on hot days.

After about five minutes the login works, top shows 100% cpu usage by sshd.
Device keeps barely unusable till reboot.

No error messages in journal / logs about the issue.

Solution (workaround):
- downgrade to openssh-8.3p1-3
- downgrade to linux-armv7-5.8.0-1
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Re: [Odroid U3] sshd 100% cpu load since openssh-8.3p1-4

Postby karog » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:13 pm

There are at least two other threads on this. Began happening when pam and pambase were upgraded. See this.
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