[Odroid C1+] USB sound suddenly stops

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[Odroid C1+] USB sound suddenly stops

Postby masterkw » Wed Oct 07, 2020 8:41 am


I'm Oliver from Germany and I'm new here. :)

With all your informations here, I could built and configure a minimalistic headless audio system with my Odroid C1+

  • - archlinuxarm, update from today (07. October)
  • - mpd/mpc (no resampling, normalization, etc.)
  • - alsa-mixer (mixer_type „none“)
  • - lighttpd
  • - controlled by iOS "Soundirok app"
  • - hardware-config --> [NAS]--RJ45 (SMB/CFIS)--> [ODROID]--USB A-B-->[Amp "Audiolabs M-One" with integrated DAC ESS9018M2K]

It works very well, plays lossless material up to DSD256, but after an indefinite period of time the amp looses input signal and I have to pull the USB plug once to reactivate the connection. Could it have anything to do with the usb's power saving mode or shouldn't that happen when music is playing??

PS: My knowledge is not so deep. Until last week, I didn't know much about installing ArchLinux/ARM but I got it on my old ASUS eeePC and my Odroid. :D

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