[RPi4] [armv7h] Dual monitor setup and kodi

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[RPi4] [armv7h] Dual monitor setup and kodi

Postby roytje88 » Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:39 pm

If this thread in the wrong category, I'm sorry in advance :geek:

My setup is a RPi4 with Arch armv7h with two monitors connected. It's all very basic, no custom kernels or anything. It works great, except for the usual HW-acceleration in Chromium. That's where Kodi would come in, at least I thought...

My video-driver is installed with the 'official' xf86-video-fbdev-package. This package doesn't support Kodi for some reason on a dual monitor-setup, it just crashes when loading the GL_EXTENSIONS.
When I install xf86-video-fbturbo-git, I don't have a dual screen setup anymore (it just mirrors my primary screen), but Kodi works..

Does anyone else have this issue, and more importantly, does anyone has a workaround or a fix?
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