Arch for Zybo Board

Arch for Zybo Board

Postby NemanjaLu » Fri Aug 21, 2015 10:20 am

I'm currently trying to port Arch Linux to Zybo. As starting point I took ZedBoard file system provided in this tutorial. I built u-boot using Xilinx ISE and kernel from Xilinx linux repo. So far everything went fine and kernel booted, almost, fully functional. With "almost" I'm actually referring to the fact that there are no Linux headers for my kernel image so I can't build anything that needs them (e.g. drivers).
I'll try now to compile new kernel image from Zybo itself but it's going to take some time and I don't like that method because... well it takes lot of time. Does anyone know the way to do this without recompiling image, or at least cross-compiling it from my PC?
I thought about just copying Xilinx Linux source to the Zybo file system, and creating uname -r directory in /lib/modules containing build link to that source, but what about the files that should be in that directory? Do I actually need anything beside build link?
Of course when I finish this, I would gladly contribute it to Arch Linux ARM community.

Best wishes,
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