PWM Output (at 100%) -> still pulses

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PWM Output (at 100%) -> still pulses

Postby Nobody93 » Wed May 19, 2021 12:08 pm


I managed to get the PWM Output of the Odrdoid C1+ running.

However, in the Arch Linux Odroid C1 wiki are some tiny errors.
e.g. the Duty Cycle is not in % ... it is the counter from 0...1024

My Problem:
If I put the counter to 1024, there is still a very tiny glicht - each period. This glitch is exactly 40ns wide (= 25 MHz)

NOTE: My PWM Frequency is 400Hz. And one Counter Digit is there 2.4us
If I reduce the dutyl cycle to value to 1023, the Low Pulse is 2.4 us -> this is ok.

My expectation: With duty Cycle = 1024, there should be permanently high, without a periodic glicht.

Does anyobody know how to fix this?
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