Update on EspressoBIN networking

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Update on EspressoBIN networking

Postby jernst » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:57 am

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The most recent kernels (4.13 series) for the EspressoBIN are much better for networking compared to 4.4 back in June. They now list interfaces:
    * eth0
    * wan@eth0
    * lan0@eth0
    * lan1@eth0
and it is possible to configure them separately. So it becomes possible to use the EspressoBIN as a router.

However, I am having difficulty to find a systemd-networkd configuration that allows me to get them all configured "on the first try" because interface eth0 needs to "up" before the sub-interfaces can be brought up. Maybe there is a way of telling systemd-networkd that kind of thing, but if so, I don't know it.

Best I could do so far is to have /etc/systemd/network/*.network files for all of them, where eth0 does not have DHCP or static IP address or anything like that. Upon boot, eth0 comes up, but for the others to come up, I have to do an extra "systemctl restart systemd-networkd". After that, all of them are up and you can iptables between them at your heart's delight.

If I don't set a .network file for eth0, it will remain "down" and that will prevent the other interfaces from coming up.

(FYI, and I would love to hear from anybody who has a better idea ...)
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