Raspberry Pi 3B+ Revision number not found by libs

This is for ARMv8 based devices

Raspberry Pi 3B+ Revision number not found by libs

Postby amael » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:40 pm


I recently switched from Raspbian Lite to archlinuxARM, aarch64, and suddenly, all the python libs I used to access the GPIO, to use Neopixels and an I2C screen raise `NotImplementedError(Board not supported)`.

Diving into their codebases, I later found out that they check the revision of my board.

For example, `rpi_ws281`, my neopixel library checks for it in `/proc/device-tree/system/linux,revision` which actually is the file `/sys/firmware/devicetree/base/system/linux,revision` because of symlinks.

Another example is Adafruit's PlatformDetect that is used to configure CircuitPython, which I use to bring my LCD screen to life. They use the `/proc/cpuinfo` file, at entries `Revision` and `Hardware`.

If only one of these files existed !

To find if it was only me, I also checked viewtopic.php?t=12577 but they didn't seem to have found a solution.

PS: this forum has quite a lack of inline code blocks, if anyone could work on that, it would be really nice.
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