Panda Board A4 issue

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Panda Board A4 issue

Postby trupti » Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:15 am

I am working with panda board rev A4. I am facing problem while loading kernel image. I am using following link to download and compile U-boot and kernel.

Reference URL

Changes I have done while compiling u-boot:

Changed ttyS2 to ttyO2 and changed baud rate 9600 instead of 115200(My panda board is showing garbage character for rate 115200 that's why changed ) in the u-boot/include/configs/omap4_panda.h


1) u-boot loads correctly but while booting kernel showing garbage character on terminal.

2)asking for run level.
few lines from log:
INIT: /etc/inittab[2]: duplicate ID field "null"
INIT: i/etc/inittab[3]: duplicate ID field "null"
INIT: /etc/inittab[4]: duplicate ID field "null"
INIT: /etc/inittab[5]: duplicate ID field "null"
INIT: /etc/inittab[6]: duplicate ID field "null"
INIT: /etc/inittab[11]: id field too long (max 4 characters)

Enter runlevel:x
INIT :no more processes left in this runlevel

please help me to solve this problem
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