how rootfs tarball from alarm mirror are done

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how rootfs tarball from alarm mirror are done

Postby doggisbag » Thu Nov 12, 2020 5:01 pm


I'm trying to support Exynos5410 SoC based ODROID-XU. I want to enable Multi Format Codec (MFC) capabilities into this board so in order to do it i need to modify some Exynos-specific source and headers files. I've already done that on my local linux repo in my x86 linux pc.

As this changes needs to be applied through kernel recompiling (modules related are built-in and not loadable), i think the best way to update is with PKGBUILD config.

The case is i've not found any specific name definition for ODROID-XU in core directory for building kernel. This board is a ARMv7h, so i think it belongs to PKGBUILD for non-specific boards categorized on armv7 directory. The case is that inside PKGBUILD it's not specifically defined XU config, but there's for C1 and also some exynos and samsung include lines.

My main question are, to apply my patches, the best way is to clone PKGBUILD into my XU, create patches to modify MFC-related sources and header files on the linux-armv7 tarball?

Second question is, doing the PKGBUILD stuff, the final result is obtaining the compiled kernel and ALARM rootfs? Because i don't know if this generates the xu filesystem automatically to then flash to microSD card, or it has the capabilities to self apply firmware update with pacman into kernel.

I'm asking this because i'm not clear enough with the wiki info and some additional help is well received :)
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