Mirrors haven't updated in a while ...

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Mirrors haven't updated in a while ...

Postby mikewhy » Thu May 09, 2024 12:45 am

Used my ALARM VM for the first time in a while and was surprised to see there weren't any updates since last using it on 2024-04-26.

I can see that something like Chromium had multiple changes

2024-05-01make_clickable_callback(MAGIC_URL_FULL, ' ', 'https://github.com/archlinuxarm/PKGBUILDs/commit/778c7bd7ce2207692fd653566f3c6c484c0085d8', '', ' class="postlink"')
2024-05-07make_clickable_callback(MAGIC_URL_FULL, ' ', 'https://github.com/archlinuxarm/PKGBUILDs/commit/021bcfccc4a8662c11623144fa77446451963294', '', ' class="postlink"')

But the version of Chromium in all the mirrors I've checked (Florida, Denmark) is from 2024-04-26
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Re: Mirrors haven't updated in a while ...

Postby SpieringsAE » Thu May 09, 2024 8:31 am

Im having the same issue, all the mirrors latest changes were 27-4-2024, nothing after that.
Have you found a mirror that is up to date?
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Re: Mirrors haven't updated in a while ...

Postby sehraf » Fri May 10, 2024 2:46 pm

The python rebuild is going on and that takes a while. As usual, there is hardly any official communication ...
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Re: Mirrors haven't updated in a while ...

Postby fleejoyful » Tue Jun 25, 2024 1:46 am

It sounds like you're experiencing issues with finding an up-to-date mirror for whatever software or repository you're using. Here are a few steps you could try to resolve this:

1. Check Mirror Status: Visit the official website or repository of the software you're trying to mirror from. They often list official mirrors and their update status.

2. Switch Mirrors: If the mirror you're using isn't updating past a certain date, consider switching to a different mirror. Many projects have multiple mirrors worldwide to distribute the load.

3. Update Mirror List: Make sure your mirror list is up to date. Sometimes mirrors are deprecated or taken offline, so updating your mirror list can help find active and current mirrors.

4. Contact Support: If none of the above steps work, consider contacting the support or community forum associated with the software or repository. They might have specific information about mirror availability and updates.

5. **Use Package Managers**: If you're dealing with software packages, using package managers like `apt`, `yum`, or `brew` can automatically select the best mirrors for you based on your location or configuration.

If you provide more details about the specific software or repository you're dealing with, I could give more tailored advice!
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