[New Member] Install Arch Linux ARM on your RPI2 in a flash!

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[New Member] Install Arch Linux ARM on your RPI2 in a flash!

Postby ackoujens » Wed Jul 20, 2016 6:00 pm

Hi there folks !

New to the forum here and really into the Arch Linux vibe. I like to know everything I put in my RPI since it's a small device and I want to use every resource as efficiently as possible. That's why I chose for Arch!

Arch being great, it wasn't always a breeze. Allot of times I put allot of work into a project, then started experimenting to a point I wasn't sure how much garbage I left from creating random folders, symlinks, breaking apart the network settings, ...

So what if I could experiment with some stuff and then include it into a shell script so I could slam everything in a flash on my RPI without worrying about a sloppy job / forgetting stuff I really needed / ... or either start all over again in a few seconds instead of minutes / hours of fiddling around and wondering about what I did previously to make the damn thing work :D

This is why I created this tool that I wanted to share with others:

The repo is situated here on GitHub too if you were wondering:
https://github.com/ackoujens/archlinux- ... -2-install

Also I'm working on a follow-up script to magically turn it into a web-server with all my custom needs:
https://github.com/ackoujens/archlinux- ... all-script

Still working on the web-server part but I'm sure someone will find use in my Arch to RPI2 sd card shell script.
Also, feel free to fork on my code, modify and all the other jazz we open source guys do!

I simply love the fact that I'm able to pull all the code I need from the raw github section in like ONE command! I know right? Is there something Arch can't do?!

Type or copy past the code, hacker-like slam the enter key and throw a boss like gaze at your friends while all the "code" slides down your terminal. 8-)

Hope I'll find allot of information out here and will learn more on how to get the most out of Arch and linux in general.

Have a nice one all!

P.s: I posted this here since it was my first post and didn't really know where to toss this. I only see categories out here named "Arch v<number>" Not really sure there is a RPI1 / RPI2 / RPI3 category.
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