odroid c2 some newbie question

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odroid c2 some newbie question

Postby acconciox » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:43 pm

eMMC reader is accompanied by adapter for slot SD card as the micro SD card or i have to buy a special adapter to install arch?
I have experience with micro SD for raspberry, can i use the same slot adapter ? Or i have to use some usb 2 emmc adapter?

I have only mobile broadband or wifi accesspoint (from notebook or raspberry o usb mobile broadband), to connect with raspberry i need wvdial modemmanager and usb_modeswitch, can i adopt the same procedure for odroid?
for wifi wpa_supplicant + asus usb-n13 would be enough to create a connection?

Im asking this because i dont have eth0 connection and i m not sure about my network skills ,,,

ciao e grazie
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Re: odroid c2 some newbie question

Postby karog » Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:21 pm

I have the odroid xu4 with eMMC which I assume is the same as the C2 in this regard. The eMMC has a special connector by which it snaps flat onto the motherboard of the xu4. It comes with an adapter (at least at Ameridroid for an extra $1 where I bought mine) that snaps onto the eMMC connector the same way and provides a microSD connector. So you also need some way to read/write the microSD end of the adapter like a microSD slot, a microSD to SD adapter for an SD slot, or a microSD to USB adapter for USB attachment.
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