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Postby heikojakob » Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:59 pm

... adding support for Seagate BlackArmor into the kernel ?

Hi, i tried some time ago to write a patch to run a recent kernel the Seagate BlackArmor Series 4[40]0/Shasta, 220/Lassen and 110/Mono. Back then i started with a plain vanilla 3.4.4 kernel and edited the config by simply coping all the req stuff from the qnap ts-219. I then soldered a connector to the USARTs of my 440 and my 220 and got the console working on both with the standard firmware (u-boot + kernel 2.6.x). I got as far as adding the machineID (0x0000020f) to the mach-types. But then i got somehow stuck with serving kirkwood_mpp_conf() the right configuration.
So my questions are:
- What are the minimum requirements for kirkwood_mpp_conf() to get a minimum kernel (console and SATA) working.
- Because i want to support various board types, and memory is always rare, how do i "release" the unused config arrays after initialization ? ( f.e. ba_shasta_mpp_config on a lassen board)

With best regards
Heiko Jakob
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