Arch ARM Website: Platforms Menu Cut Off

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Arch ARM Website: Platforms Menu Cut Off

Postby glombus » Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:30 pm

I searched the forum and hadn't seen anyone else reporting this. Not sure if it's best to bring up here or not.

It seems the "Platforms" sub-menus may get cut-off if the content of the page isn't high enough (see screenshot) The menu is cut-off/truncated after the IGEP v2 platform

Specifically, this seems to affect the ARMv7 menu as it's getting pretty long now.

If I remove the overflow: hidden from #page that fixes it, but I'm not sure if that overflow is needed for another reason.

I see the issue in FF on my machine too. Not a major issue, but led to a weird user experience for me as I was looking at the various platforms and was surprised when it seemed like certain platforms were not accessible from the menu.
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