i2c concurrency questions

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i2c concurrency questions

Postby mwpowellhtx » Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:57 pm


I need to know about the I2C device support for ArchLinux ARM.

* Generally, am somewhat familiar with the Linux everything-is-a-file-descriptor approach.
* Followed by we have an I2C device exposed as a device through /dev/i2c-0 file.
* No grouping or any other perms going on (yet), all at the root level access (for now).

After which, questions about concurrency.

* I gather the usual file handling rules apply using open() and close().
* For a process (service, utility, whatever) to access the bus, must open using open("/dev/i2c-0", O_RDWR).
* What about for multiple processes (services, utilities, watchdogs, etc)? O_RDWR | O_DSYNC?

I assume there needs to be more of a synchronization integrity check going on?


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