hello from Houston, Tx. (Raspi)

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hello from Houston, Tx. (Raspi)

Postby stevepa » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:27 pm

My name is Steve and I am looking forward to learning about the Raspi and Arch.

I've used Arch linux on the pc platform for many years, but just got around to loading Arch on my Raspberry Pi.

I am extremely pleased with how well Arch runs on this tiny hardware, even with XFCE and goodies installed. Updating the system is pretty good, and general performance is good also. Right now, I use midori.

I got a kit from adafruit with the 512MB device, and just added a powered USB hub, and a 8GB class 4 sd card, with keyboard, mouse, hdmi monitor. Kind of sad when powered hub is larger than the computing device!

I have a network application for the Pi to do, and after that, maybe some robotic related stuff.

Great forum here, just like the Arch one.
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