Hello from Michigan

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Hello from Michigan

Postby MonkeyWrench » Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:27 pm

I'm an automation technician out of Michigan and have been working with Linux for several years now. I'm pretty basic in my expectations for my technology, I just want it all to be Linux based. I'm more interested in the process of identifying a piece of tech and how to get Linux onto it, than getting a specific tablet or phone to work. It's a 'teach a man to fish' thing.

I already run ArchLinux on my desktop and laptop and am very happy with it. I came from Debian after the Gnome3 fiasco. I now run XFCE and have tools from Arch that allow me to do pretty much everything I want to with regards to Arduino,3D modeling/printing, robotics, and game/simulation programming.

I plan on using my posts to help the other people like me that have found this site and are completely new to replacing a stock ROM.
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