Arm devices are awesome :)

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Arm devices are awesome :)

Postby rev667 » Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:02 pm

Just wanted to say how much fun I'm having at the moment with Arm devices.

I have a POGO-E02 with alarm, had it a good few months, it has a small website on it, samba, the original functionality is retained thanks to moonman and the advice handed out.

The website directory is shared via samba, so I can edit using whatever OS I happen to be using at the time (it changes).
The pogoplug directory is also shared via samba, so while at home I can copy files about easily.

This weekend I hope to re-install as I want to use it for a different purpose...

I recently got hold of a Raspberry Pi :) great bit of kit and so cheap! Aria have them on offer.

So after loading OpenElec on the Pi, and messing with it a while, it has an old USB hard drive (80gb) on the usb port, all works fine.

This got me thinking, dig out a larger HDD for the usb enclosure, format fat32 for compatibilty, reinstall latest alarm on the pogo, add the bigger usb hdd to the pogo, use that as the root for mypogo (and share via samba).
Power the Pi from a pogo usb socket (it gives 2A max) connect to the big telly! have XBMC use the drive on the pogo... Result!

I can download stuff from my main PC, or in fact anywhere! to the drive, and it'll be available to the XBMC to play on the big telly.

All this cos it was a pain burning DVDs when the missus wanted to watch summat on the big telly she'd downloaded.

Having a great time

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