Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano

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Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano

Postby BrandonC » Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:34 am

With all the work you guys have done with Plug apps I am wondering if you are interested in figuring out the Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano and how it works.

It's basically a plug computer on steroids.
Board: CC427(CPU 400 MHz, Memory 400 MHz, UART 100 MHz, SDIO 50 MHz)
CHIPID: CC1200(A1)
FLASH: FL128P 16384KB@10000KHz
DRAM: 512 MB
Linux version (roman@srv-linux) (gcc version 4.0.3 20051201 (C2 Microsystems 100120))


* High applications and media processing performance
o Dual Core SMP 4-way superscalar RISC architecture @ 400 MHz
o Dual hardware threads per core
o 256-bit SIMD Vector Unit
o Codec Acceleration Processors for digital broadcast standards
o Motion estimation, entropy engines
o 2D Graphics Accelerator with DirectFB, OpenVG 1.1 support
o Display Processor
o Security Processor
* Extensive rich media codec support
o H.264, MPEG-2/4, VC-1, FLV, RM
o Decoding of digital broadcast standards up to Full HD
o Decoding of internet content standards up to 720p
o Encoding at D1 resolution and above
* High level of device integration
o DRAM Memory: 64-/32-bit DDR2 @ 400MHz, 128-512 MB
o Parallel NAND Flash
o Ethernet 10/100/1000M MAC with RMII/RGMII interface
o USB2.0 OTG
o PCI-Express: Ethernet/WiFi
o MPEG-2 transport stream
o Digital A/V – HDMI, BT-656/BT-1120, SPDIF, I2S
o Analog Video Out – YPbPr, CVBS

They don't give out the SSH or Telnet login info but using a serial console you could get in and check it out. From there, someone smarter than me, could figure it out and do some very cool stuff with it.
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Re: Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano

Postby BrandonC » Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:14 am

If interested in the Monsoon Multimedia Vulkano I have a special coupon code you can use for it. I don't get anything for promoting it but I can pass it on if anyone is interested.
If you go to the site and order the Vulkano Deluxe Pro and use the code 'vdp162' at check out your will get the price after coupon of $217.99. On their site its 227.99
If you use the code 'vdl122' for the Vulkano Deluxe the price after coupon is $157.99 on their website it is $167.99
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