Hello from French Alpes

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Hello from French Alpes

Postby destroyedlolo » Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:43 pm

Hello all,

My name is Laurent and I'm living close to Annecy, France.

I'm already running Gentoo on 2 BananaPI and a BananaPro, and I have the habit of uboot and sunxi's stuffs.

I'm currently trying to resurrect a breaked A13 powered cheap android tablet : my goal is run Linux on it, with a framebuffer and DirectFB for a smart home dashboard. My project is already working to a BananaPI w/ an LCD display.
I choose Arch for it as it looks to me the distribution which is closer to Gentoo but I'm lazy to rebuild everything for arm5.

I tried to build uboot but I'm stuck as recent uboot doesn't know any more A13-MID target. I eventually found a binary version of uboot with a custom kernel, installed ArchARM5 on root partition ... and it boots :D :D

Waiting a mini USB to USB adaptor arrival to plug a keyboard and go further ...

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