Hey Y'all!

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Hey Y'all!

Postby WyoDad » Sat Oct 31, 2015 1:30 am

Noob here!

Actually ran a linux puter for quite a while back at the turn of the century but was eventually forced back into the doze zone because of work related software requirements. I miss the stability and the ability to customize that i had with that old fedora o.s. that's for sure. I have an Intel based macbook that I should load up on linux, hmm. Just thinking out loud here and getting way off topic. :)

Came across ARM because i was looking for a dlna/samba server with usb ports for flexibility and portability. (I like to take my video drive with me to share) I already have a NAS but it doesn't have usb ports and didn't want to shell out the bucks for another one just to have usb ports. So, whilst I was shopping I happened upon a reviewer on amazon that buys pogoplugs just to hack them and do exactly what i was wanting. I already have a pogoplug, but it is the portable v4 and, as near as I can tell, it is severely hamstrung in the ARM world do to 1 usb port and 1 card slot. Would it even load on the portable box if I wanted to?

I guess that is my question here. Do I need to upgrade to the serial pogoplug v4 before I even think about loading ARM?

Looking forward to messing with something new and challenging. It will be nice to get out of the doze zone. Who knows, maybe I will get the whole home back on Linux!

Thanks for any input and Howdy from Wyoming!
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Re: Hey Y'all!

Postby moonman » Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:15 am

PPv4 and it's Mobile cousin are well supported and if you do everything right you shouldn't need to have serial.
If you only have one USB port, then it is the Mobile. Just follow the installation guide for PPv4 and you should be good.

On a side note, default installation as described in the installation guide does not support booting off of the MMC/SD card slot. If you want to be able to do that you will need to update your U-Boot, after that you can move the OS from USB to SD card. Beware though after updating uboot you won't be able to easily revert to stock firmware.

Also, consider installing Rescue system in case something goes wrong after an update it will be much easier to recover.
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Re: Hey Y'all!

Postby WyoDad » Sat Oct 31, 2015 1:03 pm

Well, I tried! Thanks for all the info, sounds like a much better use of the pogo if I can get it running. I posted the results of my install attempt on the ARMv5 forum.
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