Can't mount root directory to ext4 partition

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Re: Can't mount root directory to ext4 partition

Postby eduardfaber » Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:28 pm

they wil be back in /
so '/root' and '/boot' wil exitst.
Thats not the same as '/home/nickademus/root' and '/home/nickademus/boot'.
If you posted the output of pwd (print working directory) you (and I) could see what the working directory was.
The existance of this directory was not the reason of your mount problem. It just told you that it was not possible to
create the directory because is did already exists. We checked and it was true. You created them your selves at Dec 14 18:22.

To see what the mount problem is, I need to see the output of 'dmesg|tail' . Maybe you have a disk problem or somthing like that. Its also strange you system crashed. My system for example is running since february 2015.

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Re: Can't mount root directory to ext4 partition

Postby Socaltom » Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:23 am

Once you have installed the SD card in the system you are using to create the filesystem, please provide the output of "lsblk"
The directions for Rpi2 indicate you should be seeing the SD cards as a hard drive, /dev/sdX, not /dev/mmcBLK

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