Enable heartbeat LED

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Enable heartbeat LED

Postby Milliways » Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:19 am

I normally use heartbeat on my Pi, set with:-
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I tried this with latest Arch on my Pi3, but it does not work.

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cat /sys/class/leds/led0/trigger
none kbd-scrolllock kbd-numlock kbd-capslock kbd-kanalock kbd-shiftlock kbd-altgrlock kbd-ctrllock kbd-altlock kbd-shiftllock kbd-shiftrlock kbd-ctrlllock kbd-ctrlrlock usb-gadget usb-host mmc0 mmc1 timer oneshot [heartbeat] backlight gpio cpu0 cpu1 cpu2 cpu3 default-on transient flash torch input rfkill0

seems to show that is has been set
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