4g dongle on raspberrry 3b crash on plugin

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4g dongle on raspberrry 3b crash on plugin

Postby acconciox » Wed May 10, 2017 11:01 am

dongle 4g 1bbb:0195
using network manager and usb_modeswitch
i removed modemmanager, no needed
when i plugin the modem system crashes, if i boot with modem plugged , system crashes but at reboot works properly, after web activation [if i remove power from dongle before reboot, crashes, i have to reboot without cutting power from dongle (im using usb powerred for dongle) basically i cut power to raspi and reboot once in crash status keeping power on on dongle]..
if i remove usb_modeswitch i cant web activate so no connection, but system doesnt crash, i suspect that modem is too fast and overload i/o of raspberry , but for some reason at second boot, the usb dongle is recognized or stop asking answer from raspberry overloading i/o, the weakness of raspi.
aim is to plug dongle without crash at first plugin,
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