Why won't my display show anything on my kernel?

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Why won't my display show anything on my kernel?

Postby Melab » Tue Jun 06, 2017 5:49 pm

I have a Samsung Chromebook (Samsung XE303CE12). I downloaded ALARM's source code for Linux 4.11.3 and made one modification to it: I disabled SMP in order to (hopefully) get kexec to work. I did the proper wrapping for kernel image and installed all of my build's modules (/usr/lib/modules/4.11.3-1-ARCH+). When I boot with it, however, it does that transition where the screen goes black, but it stays black instead of then showing the startup messages and eventually the terminal. Why is this happening?
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Re: Why won't my display show anything on my kernel?

Postby dkasak » Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:32 am

For some reason, Linux on ARM doesn't bring up the display as early as on x86, so if there is a kernel issue early on, you're screwed. If your device as a serial or usb-to-serial port, you can try connecting from a PC/laptop to it. This would typically be a micro-usb port on the ARM device. You then run an app like minicom ( which you may have to configure ) to get a console that actually displays messages. The following instructions worked for me, but this is for my exact device:


Since you're running on a chromebook ... I don't know that this will be useful, but there *might* be a way to bring up console connection. Good luck :)
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