NTP server on isolated network with RTC reference clock

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NTP server on isolated network with RTC reference clock

Postby napaloxaqe » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:51 am

I have a cluster of Raspberry Pis on their own isolated network. One of them has a RTC clock that I installed and confirmed works. I would like to run that node as the NTP server but I'm having trouble finding the right combination of ntp.conf configuration and systemd services to run. Eventually I want to peer two time servers off each other but for now I'm working with the one.

I'm pretty sure the clients are correctly using systemd-timesyncd and pointing to the NTP host.

On the NTP server I enabled ntpd.service and have tried configuring it with "tos orphan 5" but I notice that the hardware clock resets to the same wrong date on reboots. What service should I enable to set the system time from the hwclock on boot?
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