"arp -a" not show the name of the device

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"arp -a" not show the name of the device

Postby corrobor » Thu Apr 22, 2021 3:04 pm

Hi, i'm using a raspberry 4 as router access point wireless with alarm.
I have this issue: if i do the command:
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sudo arp -a

i get a lot of strings like this:
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? ( at 55:44:12:2a:r4:12 [ether] on br0

as you can see, the string starts with "?".
before alarm, I used raspbian for much time and instead of "?" i was able to read the name of the device, like "samsung S20" or "Sony tv".
What can i do?
Do I need some package?
Is there another command that i can use?
my need is to be able to view the device connected: if i can read only the ip and the mac i'm not able to understand...
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