BeagleBone now a supported platform

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BeagleBone now a supported platform

Postby mrsteveman1 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:39 am


BeagleBone is a relatively cheap ($89), very capable ARMv7 dev kit from the same people who make the BeagleBoard.

It can be used as a companion to an existing BeagleBoard (somehow), or it can just work standalone (which is what we're doing).

The board itself has a 720MHz Cortex-A8 processor, SGX 530 GPU, 256mb ram, and TONS of I/O options (think Arduino on a meth+steroid binge).

I picked up one of these last week and have been working hard to make Arch run on them, and now it does :D

It works perfectly in my limited testing, but please if you find any problems, open an issue on the Github repo for our package builds.

The kernel was the big missing piece since the AM335x chip is not supported in mainline linux yet, but I compiled a 3.2 source tree provided by a TI employee with all the BeagleBone specific patches applied and that kernel is now available in the repo as linux-am33x.

I've also built and tested a rootfs with that kernel preinstalled, along with some minor changes to make the serial console work properly.

Instructions are provided on the main site here.

NOTE: BeagleBone rev-A4 owners, your board is likely to have issues with 100mbps ethernet, this is a defect in the board itself and not a problem with the kernel. The official fix is to pop off a single resistor from under the ethernet port. More info here:
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Re: BeagleBone now a supported platform

Postby moonman » Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:04 am

I wish this came wiith a Gigabit Eth.
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