[HOW-TO] chrooting into ARM enviorment.

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[HOW-TO] chrooting into ARM enviorment.

Postby lyoko » Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:07 pm

Chrooting into ARM filesystem can be really useful in order to quickly compile stuff, installing packages, repairing Boot.
But in order to get that to work you need two tools:
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qemu-user-static - enables you to execute binaries that were compiled to other architectures
Proot - chrooting tool with various features, including qemu static execution

You can get these for Arch Linux from AUR
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packer -S proot qemu-user-static

once you installed both you can mount you arm filesystem by

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mkdir mnt
mount /dev/sdb1 mnt
cd mnt
cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static usr/bin # qemu-arm-static is for armv7, you can use also qemu-aarch64-static and qemu-armeb-static
#it will copy the right qemu executable required to emulate these binaries to the local usr/bin
proot -R . -q qemu-arm-static # will enter the chroot environment
uname -m # will help you determine if you entered chroot environment successfully.

once you are inside you are free to do as you please, you can access the host filesystem in /host-rootfs .

and you should edit /etc/resolv.conf and enter a DNS address or you won't be able to resolve DNS addresses at all.
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