Cubox install not working

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Cubox install not working

Postby krovetz » Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:51 pm

I recently decided to rebuild my old Cubox (the original Armada 510), so I did a fresh install. Upon reboot, the Cubox did not show up on my router. Via serial I confirmed that UBoot was booting the OS, but that dhcp was not configured. Manually invoking "dhcpcd eth0" did get me online, but there was a complaint that resolv.conf was missing. Looking at dmesg showed that all sorts of stuff was going wrong (see pastebin below).

One weird thing is that resolv.conf is there but not there at the same time. It shows up in ls, but I can't cat it.
Code: Select all
[root@alarm ~]# cd /etc
[root@alarm etc]# ls
X11               ifplugd         mkinitcpio.conf   request-key.d
arch-release      initcpio        mkinitcpio.d      resolv.conf
bash.bash_logout  inputrc         modprobe.d        resolvconf.conf
bash.bashrc       iproute2        modules-load.d    rpc
binfmt.d          iptables        motd              securetty
ca-certificates   issue           mtab              security
crypttab          kernel          nanorc            services
dbus-1            krb5.conf       netconfig         shadow
default      netctl            shadow-
depmod.d      nscd.conf         shells
dhcpcd.conf    nsswitch.conf     skel
dhcpcd.duid       locale.gen      openldap          ssh
environment       localtime       os-release        ssl
ethertypes        login.defs      pacman.conf       sysctl.d
fstab             logrotate.conf  pacman.d          systemd
gai.conf          logrotate.d     pam.d             tmpfiles.d
group             lvm             passwd            trusted-key.key
group-            machine-id      passwd-           udev
gshadow           mail.rc         pkcs11            xdg
gshadow-          makepkg.conf    profile           xinetd.d
host.conf         man_db.conf     profile.d
hostname          mdadm.conf      protocols
hosts             mke2fs.conf     request-key.conf
[root@alarm etc]# cat resolv.conf
cat: resolv.conf: No such file or directory

It seems that the current Cubox tarball is in a bad state.
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