Update on install process for Odroid XU4?

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Update on install process for Odroid XU4?

Postby Nayru2210 » Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:10 pm

I am trying to reinstall alarm on my XU4 and having absolutely no luck. I saw some posts on here regarding people unable to boot because of different kernels and uboot problems and I remember the first time I installed alarm on my XU4 I had to search the forums for the real way to install onto the emmc card. It seems to me like at least some of the install details have changed since the instruction page was last updated, I was hoping we could get some more current information for installation together.
do you still need to install onto both an sd card and the emmc card to get it to boot off the emmc card?
with the new uboot do you need to run mkscr in the initial install process to get it to boot?
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