Another newbie - Got Trimslice running Arch ARM (mostly)

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Another newbie - Got Trimslice running Arch ARM (mostly)

Postby pjdaly » Fri Dec 02, 2016 12:51 am

Hi there all,

I knew about the separate ARM community but then forgot about it and registered for the non-ARM forum. :roll:
So here I am. I'm posting the same intro I posted there:

I chose Arch Linux because I'm looking for a lightweight Linux for an ARM Cortex A9 Trimslice at work.
I saw that attention has been given to this platform so I was optimistic that this would be a good choice.

It came up pretty easily after configuring the net and yp and automounts etc the way my company expects.
Took about a day and a half.

I've been struggling with getting the display up (for about a week) intending to use sddm and nouveau
which I will probably post about if I don't figure it out soon.

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