wayland on raspberry pi 3 is faster than X?

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wayland on raspberry pi 3 is faster than X?

Postby acconciox » Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:59 pm

Hi, im trying sway wayland+VC4 it seems slower than xorg so, maybe im doing something wrong.
vc4 is needed, otherwise wayland+sway doesnt start.
packages are from wayland-git, wlc-git and sway-git (adding 'armv7h' as arch. in PKGBUILD) and built with makpkg -sri.
config.txt is changed this way

Code: Select all
# 99-fbturbo.conf renamed fpr Vc4

do i have to make some other step to run wayland+vc4 properly?

after a little search in sway documentation, seems that default_border none in sway config file reduces 30% cpu, but i dont know ifsway wayland vc4 could be faster with some differnt install or setting...
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