[raspberrypi 2] ArchLinuxARM-rpi-latest.tar.gz vs ArchLinuxA

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[raspberrypi 2] ArchLinuxARM-rpi-latest.tar.gz vs ArchLinuxA

Postby 2sdude » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:19 pm

Hello, I am new. I installed Arch on my RPi2 today.

I installed arch with

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wget http://os.archlinuxarm.org/os/ArchLinuxARM-rpi-latest.tar.gz

I just spotted a tarball named "ArchLinuxARM-rpi-2-latest.tar.gz".

Two questions:

    does this mean I run armv6 code on my armv71? I assume one is a subset of the other, and no harm is done. But bragging rights require me to run v71 ... how can I fix this short of reinstalling?

    the kernel is 4.9.61. Is there a package with a more recent kernel?
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Re: [raspberrypi 2] ArchLinuxARM-rpi-latest.tar.gz vs ArchLi

Postby jaab » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:29 am

You should follow instructions for your platform Rpi2 which call for installation of ArchLinuxARM-rpi-2-latest.tar.gz. Moreover you have to read the wiki tab for your platform. Then also you have to read the Archlinux wiki for new installations, etc, etc. You have to read the information provided. This is Arch.
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