No boot after a month of inactivity

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No boot after a month of inactivity

Postby mandragore » Fri Aug 02, 2019 2:07 am

Hi all,

I have come across a weird raspberry pi problem. I had two raspberries running. They both run archlinux arm as OS.

I had left my home for about a month, and I unplugged both of my raspberries the whole time i was away. Now both of them won't boot. If i mount the sd card in my laptop it loads fine, and I have run fsck on them and no errors are reported. My ACT led has the following pattern: 1 long flash, followed by a short flash, and repeat. As far as i can tell this means that it can't read the SD card. I used a different SD with raspbian lite loaded and it booted fine.

I took an img of the sd card with the methods described here. I then tried to redo the installation of the OS, but only for the part of the /boot partition. I also rewrote the image of the SD to the same card. Both of these things did not work.

Do you have any ideas? I find it very weird that both of the SD cards stopped working on the pi's but they are readable when i mount them. Thanks!
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