Reinstall Alarm From Windows

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Reinstall Alarm From Windows

Postby shini1989 » Mon Sep 07, 2020 4:04 am

Hi, i have Goflex Home installed Alarm.

After used this code i cant SSH to GFH any more:
# pacman -R $(comm -23 <(pacman -Qq|sort) <((for i in $(pacman -Qqg base); do pactree -ul $i; done)|sort -u|cut -d ' ' -f 1))

Now i can't see Goflex IP in my router. Maybe i have to reinstall Alarm via USB.

Is there a way to install Arch to an USB from within Windows without NOOBS? I don't have a Linux system, so that makes all the other guides I've found less than useful (as they all require Linux commands).

All i need is a Usb boot with automatic SSH, then i will follow this instruction to instal Alarm again: ... oflex-home

I'm also not a linux user, please teach me step by step.

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Reinstall Alarm From Window

Postby moonman » Mon Sep 07, 2020 4:48 am

1. Please do not double post exactly the same issue.
2. ArchLinux ARM is for competent linux users (as stated on the home page). I'm not sure if there is anyone here on the forum willing to hold your hand for every step of the way, given that all the information is out there in the wiki, forum and official installation instructions and your issue is nothing complicated.
3. Installation from Windows is not supported. Even if you do manage to gain access to the filesystem by means of 3rd party ext4 driver, you will more than likely end up with tons of issues with permissions/filesystem errors.
Use Linux, be it a VM, or a dedicated computer, or Live CD/USB.
4. NOOBS is (was?) only used on RaspberryPi

I can point you in the right direction, however:
1. You will need to create a bootable USB stick: 1 partition, ext3 filesystem, then extract ... est.tar.gz to it.
2. once you boot off of the USB stick, you will need to do the same thing with the sata drive: partition with a single partition layout, ext3 filesystem (to be on the safe side), then extract ... est.tar.gz to it.
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