No /dev/ttyUSB0 after inserting usb serial device

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No /dev/ttyUSB0 after inserting usb serial device

Postby randomlemon » Fri Feb 26, 2021 5:14 pm

I am trying to use a usb serial adapter with my raspberry pi 3B+ with arch linux arm.

With lsusb I can see the device, and udevadm -q path shows me lots of device info.
The device powers on, I can see a red light and a green activity light on the usb chip.

So I know it's working and the OS can see the device. Why isn't /dev/ttyUSB0 created? Is there someway I can trigger this? Or is it actually a different name? All of my searching has led me to forumns where people say "It just works for me"

Here is the device and the usb serial adapter I'm using: ... B07M9TP393

I can provide the lsusb and udevadm output later in the day if that will be helpful.
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