cannot boot alternate kernel

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cannot boot alternate kernel

Postby keithspg » Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:51 am

I built a custom kernel using a pkgfile and patches I found on the internet. I installed it using pacman -U. The Pi boots and it all works. I just performed a pacman -Syu and noticed that it did not update the kernel (current package is 4.14.33-2). First, why did it not update the kernel? I do not have 'linux' in the pacman.conf file as a do not upgrade...

Second, I copied an old version of the kernel and modules (4.14.32-1) to the appropriate directories and ran mkinitcpio to make an initramfs.
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mkinitcpio -g /boot/linux_4.14.32.img -k 4.14.32-1-ARCH -g /boot/initramfs-linux_4.14.32.img

noting that the modules folder is there and the kernel is actually called linux_4.14.32.img and it created an initramfs. I put this in my config.txt:
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initramfs initramfs-linux_4.14.32.img followkernel

and I get a black screen. No raspberries, no color splash. If I comment these lines out, it boots. kernel7.img and initramfs-linux.img) I want to be able to set an alternate kernel in the config.txt file and be able to boot the Arch 'stock' kernel as well as the new one. How do I do that? I am stumped. Also, How do I get it to upgrade to the current kernel via pacman?

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