New guy with Raspberry Pi 4

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New guy with Raspberry Pi 4

Postby timtapio » Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:10 pm

Hey folks! I'm basically Linux illiterate (at this point in time) but expecting to change that...being an old guy, it won't happen fast. I want to put Blackarch onto a Raspberry Pi. I have a Pi 4 with 1 GB memory.. I see an installation procedure that says load Arch first...but I'm a bit confused.

First question, any performance advantage to using to using a 4 gb model instead of 1 gb. I have a 4 gb that I am putting a 128 gb micro-sd card in with a different pen testing distribution of Linux. Wish to develop an educational platform and hoping to be able to create some of my own tools (by learning Python which I am currently not skilled in). Sounds easy, probably not reality.

Which flavor of Blackarch do I need to install? And, any advantage to using a 128 gb instead of 32 gb for the micro-sd. And with Pi 4, any advantage of using 2 or 4 gb RAM models instead of 1 gb? (I always think more is better)

Lots of questions....going to use Raspbian "Buster" to get more knowledgeable about Linux....but to be good, I should have started about 60 years ago.

No nefaroius intentions for pen testing platform, educational purposes to help protect my own systems and to keep gray matter active, try to avoid dementia. (at least until ADHD moves me to something else)


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Re: New guy with Raspberry Pi 4

Postby LexLinux » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:04 am

Bro I'm actually working on the same project and thinking the same that I should probably use my 4gb pi4 for more RAM than my pi3b+ but not too sure if it would really make a difference. Any progress on your end? Also all I have is two 16gb micro SD cards do you think that's enough or should I invest in a bigger micro SD before I start?
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