How to easily run aarch64 on RPi4

This is for ARMv8 based devices

How to easily run aarch64 on RPi4

Postby graysky » Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:12 am

This post is a gem hidden in a longer thread that details how to run aarch64 (64-bit kernel and userland) on your Raspberry Pi 4. As noted, it is unofficial. It does work! You can basically follow the standard setup guide for RPi4 but substitute the tarball at this site generously provided by moonman for the official armv7h one on the install guide. The rest of the steps are as advertised.

Kernel and firmware updates are not provided in an official repo so be sure to visit the URL moonman mentioned in the linked post.

Thank you moonman for the effort and expertise you put into these :ugeek:
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