Cubietruck dead?

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Cubietruck dead?

Postby vitalogy » Thu Feb 13, 2020 3:13 pm


my Cubietruck does not booting u-boot/linux anymore.
I have a SSD atteched to the cubietruck and it was working fine. I did not modify the nand.

These are the messages from UART, booting the cubietruck without sdcard:
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HELLO! BOOT0 is starting!
boot0 version : 3.0.0
dram size =2048
Can't find a good Boot1 copy in nand.
Ready to quit "load_Boot1_from_nand".
Ready to disable icache.
Jump to Fel.

I can transfer the u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin with FEL, but it stucks on DRAM
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U-Boot SPL 2017.01-2 (Jan 18 2017 - 21:31:41)

Also no luck with a new sdcard and an armbian-image:
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U-Boot SPL 2019.10-armbian (Jan 25 2020 - 16:54:35 +0100)

Is there anything i can do?

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