Rock64 fail to boot after update

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Re: Rock64 fail to boot after update

Postby mcloaked » Sat Jun 20, 2020 8:49 pm

OK I re-installed from scratch and then updated excluding the kernel and mkinitcpio:

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pacman -Syu --ignore linux-aarch64 --ignore linux-api-headers --ignore mkinitcpio

After the update I checked the system was not doing anything crazy and rebooted - it did reboot and it did allow ssh in!

So now everything is running and the only remaining updates are the kernel and mkinitcpio:

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[root@alarm ~]# checkupdates
linux-aarch64 4.16.6-1 -> 5.7.2-2
linux-api-headers 4.16.1-1 -> 5.6.11-1
mkinitcpio 24-2 -> 27-3

So the problem is either with the 5.7.2 kernel or mkinitcpio but at least the system does run and I can run diagnostics. However hopefully something can be tested to see where the problem lies and also hopefully a kernel update will resolve the issue. I have a standard rock64 so I am amazed that I seem to be the only one who has seen this issue.
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Re: Rock64 fail to boot after update

Postby ramsey » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:04 am

I just updated a rock64 v2 from an old 5.1 to lastest kernel last night. I think this a more general arch linux issue than one specific to the rock64 or archlinuxarm. It seems that updating from a very old install sometimes results in errors running post install hooks. I had errors similar to what is mentioned here, ... ath/123226

When I noticed the errors, I did not reboot immediately, found this page, and then did what it suggested before reboot. Specifically, I did a pacman -S pacman, and then a mkinitcpio -P. Everything seemed to work for me. I saw the can't stat CP error too, but I've been getting that for a while on other machines and knew I could ignore it. ssh still works after a reboot for me.
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