1d5c:2000 a usb2vga driver rpi 3 b

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1d5c:2000 a usb2vga driver rpi 3 b

Postby acconciox » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:27 pm

Hi i have this device: 1d5c:2000 is a usb2vga adapter not linux supported until this:

im not skilled, my arch=armv7h from raspberry Pi 3 b
how can i get some profit from this code to run and install the driver to see what happens?


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arm_prefix = /opt/hi3798/arm-hisiv200-linux/bin/arm-hisiv200-linux-gnueabi

all:   fltest fltest_arm

fltest:   main.c
   gcc main.c -o fltest

fltest_arm:   main.c
   $(arm_prefix)-gcc main.c -Xlinker -static -static-libgcc -o fltest_arm
$(arm_prefix)-strip fltest_arm
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