Updating/upgrading to the latest Arch Linux ARM release

Since Arch Linux ARM is a rolling distribution, you never need to download new releases or run special upgrade scripts. The entire system is kept up-to-date by running one command: pacman -Syu

The latest versions of packages are always available to all of our users. The only time you have to download a full Arch Linux ARM root filesystem is when you're installing for the very first time.

All releases are signed with the same key used for package signing, key ID 68B3537F39A313B3E574D06777193F152BDBE6A6.

Current Releases

ARMv7 AM33x BeagleBone ArchLinuxARM-am33x-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Amlogic S805 ODROID-C1 ArchLinuxARM-odroid-c1-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Exynos ODROID-X ArchLinuxARM-odroid-x-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Exynos ODROID-X2/U2/U3 ArchLinuxARM-odroid-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Exynos ODROID-XU ArchLinuxARM-odroid-xu-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Exynos ODROID-XU3/XU4/HC1/HC2 ArchLinuxARM-odroid-xu3-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 i.MX53 USB Armory ArchLinuxARM-usbarmory-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 i.MX6UL USB Armory MkII ArchLinuxARM-usbarmory-mkii-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 i.MX6 Cubox ArchLinuxARM-imx6-cubox-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 i.MX6 Utilite ArchLinuxARM-utilite-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Multi-platform ArchLinuxARM-armv7-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Multi-platform (Exynos/Rockchip Chromebooks) ArchLinuxARM-armv7-chromebook-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Raspberry Pi ArchLinuxARM-rpi-armv7-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Rockchip Chromebooks ArchLinuxARM-veyron-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv7 Zynq Zedboard ArchLinuxARM-zedboard-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv8 AArch64 Multi-platform ArchLinuxARM-aarch64-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv8 AArch64 Multi-platform (Rockchip Chromebooks ArchLinuxARM-aarch64-chromebook-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv8 Raspberry Pi 3/4 ArchLinuxARM-rpi-aarch64-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv8 Amlogic S905 ODROID-C2 ArchLinuxARM-odroid-c2-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv8 Amlogic S922X ODROID-N2 ArchLinuxARM-odroid-n2-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv8 Mediatek Chromebooks ArchLinuxARM-oak-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv8 Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c ArchLinuxARM-dragonboard410c-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG
ARMv8 Rockchip Chromebooks ArchLinuxARM-gru-latest.tar.gz MD5 SIG

Where is my device?

The released downloads are designed for the specific systems above; however, our package repositories work with any ARM device compatible with ARMv5, ARMv6, ARMv7-a, or ARMv8-a AArch64 instructions. Simply download the tarball that best fits and supply your own kernel. If you have any questions, contact us on the forums or on IRC.

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